When just out of college, Eric wrote the first musical adaptation of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, which was performed in 1990 at Bristol Riverside Theatre and later at other locations in the Philadelphia area. For the last 15 years Beauty and his other plays and musicals including Rapunzel, Peter Pan and Wendy and The Testimony of Lizzie Borden have been performed all over the world. He also directed the premiere performance of John Balderston’s Frankenstein, which was the basis of the 1931 film. Performance rights to Eric's shows can be obtained at the Storyland Theatre website.

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$100 / Includes custom image/illustration or colorization
$150 / Includes one-time photo shoot of actors, models or other content to be depicted on cover

SPECIAL EFFECT MAKEUP Application or Group Workshop

- Basic stage makeup kit use for beginners, how to create age makeup that doesn't suck, use of pancake, shading, powder, etc.
- Special appliances application: Beards/moustaches, Oz character noses, chins, Tin effect without use of metallic base, simple special effects, proper use of morticians' wax, pros-aide adhesive, spirit gum, liquid latex
- Horror/monster makeup appliances; werewolf noses/hair, application of devil horns, extra eyes, peeling skin, wounds, cut throat, pin through nose effect, etc. and safe/simple easy-to-remove alternatives to greasepaint for attraction actors who must perform night after night
$25/hour plus required supplies for direct application of makeup effects or for group workshop which many actors/students can attend